Today is Tax Day – the day to pay the “Man”. For most of the past week I’ve heard very little other than complaints about paying taxes and how unfair it is…how we shouldn’t have to.
I’m just as frustrated as the next guy when I feel my tax dollars aren’t spent well. I have fought against paying more than my fair share of taxes but the fact of the matter is that taxes are paid for a reason – because we, as a group, as a civilization – are more effective as collective-bargainers than we are as individuals.
We all require an infrastructure to keep our communities viable, we all benefit from nice stadiums where sports, arts and civil interests are supported and we all need to chip in to lend a helping hand to those in our society that are trying to gain a solid foothold in the American Dream…not only because it is the right thing to do but because in the end it benefits us to do so.
I will be the first to admit that there are many unscrupulous people in politics who crave power and spend the money that is entrusted to them by their peers inappropriately – that, however, is not a problem with the system – it is a problem with the individuals IN the system. No laws can be designed to regulate good behavior. It takes a populace who is involved, interested and cares.
So stop complaining – get involved. Make sure your tax dollars are spent the way you think they should…That is why we have a country of Taxation WITH Representation so we can collectively bargain for those things we want and so those with ulterior motives are kept from spending tax dollars in ways that do not support us collectively.
You may even want to try to take it a step further – try being grateful for all that your tax dollars are able to provide for you…maybe you are grateful that you have running water in your homes, your trash is picked up on a weekly basis or that you have roads to drive on…whatever it is you may have been taking it for granted and maybe, just maybe, for one day you can practice being grateful for those things….maybe even try writing THANK YOU on your tax check when you send it in. You never know who you might make smile 🙂
Kjerstin Klein
Central Intersection