You have questions, we have answers! Often times people don't even know where to start, they just know they need help.  One of the many things we do is help you identify what is happening in your life or business that needs the most attention to free up the energy to help you move forward.  You may find answers to your questions here but if you don't, contact us - we can help.

How does this work?

It's simple... you contact us, we work together to help identify where resources are being wasted or what needs to be done to get you or your business rolling smoothly again.

How much does it cost?

Less than you would think.  Our initial consults are free - it's hard to know what you need if you can't feel free to ask.  There are no obligations once we have done the initial review and consult and honestly - sometimes that's all you need, some outside eyes to give you a direction and a chance to move forward.  If we do identify that there are some areas where you want assistance we bill in two separate ways, billable hours are $60/hr but often what you need is considered a full-scale project - which we bid and present you with clear goals, measurements for how to determine if that goal is met and a total cost for the project to be completed.

What's the difference between your personal consulting and business consulting?

In our mind, there is no difference - we each use ourselves as a tool to bring change into the world. Sometimes what we need to bring balance to our business is to take better care of ourselves.  Sometimes what we need to bring balance to our personal life is to take better care of our business.  When you come to us knowing you need help you may direct us to look in a particular direction and only want us to help in that area... we can limit our scope to that area or, at your request, we can open our search up to look at the bigger picture - that part is up to you... we will do as little, or as much as you choose.