What Do You Write When You Don’t Know Where To Start?

Well my foray into the cyberworld has been both good and bad. Good because it has forced me to start thinking about sharing ideas with a larger community but bad because I haven’t really acted on those thoughts.

At first I got caught up with the idea that I had to put together large pieces of work that were a synthesis of all of the information I’d collected about a certain subject – often times this would have to be broken down into several smaller, digestible chunks and the fact of the matter was that this seemed too overwhelming. I spent hours gathering my thoughts and information in order to write a worthy piece and then never post it. I simply ran out of time.

After a while I figured that I might as well do some smaller pieces just with more regularity but then I never could figure out where to start. I would argue with myself that I couldn’t discuss a certain subject without giving some background information first. As a result I basically never posted any of those attempts either.

Well I’m coming from a new place now…I hope this one is a better formula. I figure that I have enough to write about that I will discuss topics as they interest me – sorry, no background, but we can back fill additional information as necessary. The key is that you need to provide input. I want your ideas, information and questions too. I had started this blog with the idea that it would be an open forum – so let’s see where this takes us.