Bare Naked Ladies Rock Pittsburgh

I had the amazing good fortune of procuring tickets to last nights private Bare Naked Ladies concert here in Pittsburgh. They have been doing these small venue shows around the country and appear to be having a fantastic time doing it.

Diesel, the venue they chose here, is tiny compared to where bands of their caliber typically play. More a night club now than a theater it can still hold a good number of people. I have been to shows there where you don’t have enough space to even change your mind. Last night, however, Q92.9, the local radio sponsor for the event, kept the crowd small giving tickets to a select few advertisers (which is how we lucked out) and call-in contest winners. Everyone there appeared to be wildly into BNL and together we seemed to make as much noise as any concert I’ve ever been to.

The show was amazing. It felt real, authentic and fun. the Bare Naked Ladies clearly enjoy what they do. They take the time to really visit each city they work and this trip to Pittsburgh was no different. Their show of classic BNL tunes was peppered with local flare that ‘Burghers can identify as truly their own. In addition to the traditional rap they do for each town they tour (done complete with dance moves) they had two mini songs that related directly to their experience on this trip. The crowed ate it up, especially when they sang If I Had a Million Dollars-we sang along, tossed underwear, monkeys and Kraft dinner at all the right places and cheered enthusiastically at the end. They entertained us with some of our favs, a few holiday songs and introduced us to two of their new songs from their up coming release and blessed us, after an hour long regular show, with an encore. Like I said, the show was amazing.

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While these photos, snapped one handed in the darkness on my iPhone, might not do the event justice I will post the rest of what I have on my Facebook page ASAP. Thank you BNL for a great concert – it was the best holiday present you could have given me!