When I took Dylan to his GS race two weeks ago the temp in my car read 18 degrees below zero – yes, I should have gotten the Mom of the year award for standing at the bottom of the hill in those temperatures but I guess they don’t give those out any more.

Today school has been canceled due to the huge snow and ice storm that is hitting the East Coast and while we are making it a fun day – and so far no one has been seriously injured in our mattress surfing contest it does start to make you wonder what is going on with the weather.

We own a Willi’s Ski Shop so don’t get me wrong – we’re digging the weather but weather like this is used by global warming nay sayers as proof that the world is not getting warmer. To me Global Warming is a misnomer – it should be Global Weirding. Anyone with even a high school science class under their belt can understand the concept of what happens in a closed system when even a single parameter is altered – everything within the system is affected and it triggers cascading changes that reverberate throughout the entire system.

To me it doesn’t really matter if the world is getting warmer or colder – what matters is that we are responsible for changing the parameters – we have been poor stewards of this beautiful world and I for one, would like to still have it around to enjoy. It is time that each of us take steps to behave more responsibly and not take our environment and its wonderful gifts for granted.